My Way or the Broad Highway?

Am I using a Power Greater than myself to get my way or am I surrendering my way to the what that Power would have me be?
I can’t just give the Universe what I want and try to control everything else to get my way. I have to give all of me- my alcoholism, my addictions, my work, my family, my thoughts, my plans, my hopes and my dreams. I must give all of me.
My way is flawed and shortsighted. What I think I want is not always what I need. I ask for clarity and strength to deal with all of the challenges before me. I don’t always see my progress but I trust that with effort that I am always moving forward. I invest myself in the process and I am undeterred.
Guide me to a better way of life

Help me see that work combined with faith will carry me

Keep me in acceptance and gratitude for all that is

Give me diligence and perseverance to continue to be in action

Let me be patient with myself

Show me how to live
One step at a time


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