✉ SEND ✉
We all possess special skillsets and talents. They are gifts meant to be shared with the rest of the Universe. Our creativity is a Power Greater than ourselves spilling out of us.
This is Divine Inspiration that cannot be contained. We are filled with a Universal Spirit that overflows and changes everyone it comes into  contact with. 
We craft words from thoughts that reach past differences to draw us close. 

We take feelings and translate them into images and objects for others to connect with.

We use the spoken word to share what is hidden in our hearts.

We hold instruments and use them to make us dance, laugh, cry.

We can take a child’s toy and make it come alive in ways that no one has ever seen before, which inspires awe and respect. 

We can use a healing touch to make another’s body release the stress and anxiety of physical, mental and emotional pain.

We study the wonders of the natural world to reveal the past, present and future.

We have keen eyes and imaginations that make our fellows’ creations even greater.

We listen, hold, comfort, share, innovate, restore, build, create, heal, grow and change.

There are countless ways we exchange our gifts to enhance each others’ experiences.


We are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, lovers and friends. All connected and bound together. One people. One planet. 
We are creation come alive everywhere. 

We have been activated.
How do you send it?

Art by T.F.


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