Tucked In

A tired father, covered in the sticky sap of trees, tucks his tired, tiny daughter in her tiny bed.
“What is the plan for tomorrow, little one?” He asks with one eyebrow raised.
From a tangled pile of hair and a burrito of blankets she mumbles her dreams out loud. 
“I want to be happy, daddy,” She mews her simple, but profound plan from the sanctuary of her calming nest. 
Dad smiles from underneath bits of sawdust and wrinkles he doesn’t realize he has. 
“First, let’s get rid of the ‘I.’ That’s your ego separating you from your dreams. Then together, we can remove the ‘want,’ for that is just desire telling us something more is needed than what we have in the present. Finally, forget about ‘to be.’ This is only the future tricking you into waiting for things that belong to you now.  Look, without ‘I want to be,’ we are left with only ‘Happy’ and ‘Daddy.’ See? We are already happy, together.”
“Daddy, you are so strange, but I love you.”
“And I you, baby girl. And I you.”
With a kiss on her forehead, daddy’s girl closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, happy.
~ S.D.


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