Visions are different from dreams. Visions are fertile inspiration, a liquid intention wrapped in intuitive notion. Each one incubates in the soul and is birthed through the heart.
Visualize a small glimpse of light that shines and illuminates the path ahead. 

A brief flicker, skipping ahead of this Moment.

An amalgamation of what could be and what hasn’t happened.

This fluid potential partially reveals secrets of today, tomorrow and years from Now.

Visions emerge from us as our spirits whisper maps of our lives. 

They are premonitions of where we’re going, telling our hearts how to find that place. 

The more conscious, clear and connected we are, the more we can tune into these visions of our place in the stream of life.
How will I be beyond this moment? 

What path am I on?

Why I am I doing what I do?

Where do I see myself headed? 

When am I most effective?

I am conscious, clear and connected.

I see past myself.

I let it go. 
My dreams are mine. Vision is drawn from the Universe, a small glimpse of starlight guiding the way. Learn to see from the soul through the heart. Trust and watch as each vision comes into focus. Learn to nurture them. Allow them to manifest themselves. 
When the path is dark, our sight adjusts. We become comfortable with the sparse twinkling of light.

Let vision be the guide.
~ S.D.


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