As I go through the day…
My big footed nature is to stomp awkwardly through the day. I trudge, walking with intent and purpose, but I forget to look down at where my feet land. I unintentionally crush flowers with each step if I am unaware.
I get inundated and overwhelmed quickly with the promises I have every intention of keeping and expectations of what I want to squeeze out of each minute. I miss out on the magic, blocking myself from the sunlight of the spirit. 
Thankfully, I can consciously pause during the day at any time. A pause can be a split second respite or a lingering break from external stimuli, depending on the luxury afforded on a given day. 
Sometimes a pause is an introspective look at how I am approaching a situation. Other times it is just a quiet break from being bombarded by life. 
-A pause is a brief moment, where I listen, instead of speak or act. It is time that can make the difference between a mindful response and a knee jerk reaction. 
-A pause can prevent unintended harms. It curbs my selfishness, anger, dishonesty and fear. 
-A pause is time to breathe, relax and recognize what the Universe is trying to tell me. 
-A pause is a silent reprieve that is always available, where I can stop and start again centered, balanced and connected. 
We don’t have to wait until tomorrow to begin anew. One day at a time can start right now. 
When I trudge through the garden of life, I will be light footed and conscious of the all the flowers around me.


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