First 5

5 minutes in the morning
I have a series of alarms. I usually start to stir before the first one sounds. But if I don’t, each one reminds me with increasing persistence that the day does not wait for me.
I rise with the understanding that the day is not mine. It does not belong to me. The awareness of a presence Greater than me is a present. This realization is another gift in a long string of blessings. Today is one more chance for me to reconnect with a world I have always longed to be a part of.
Ideally, I am up before the Sun, though I do not approach it as if it were a race. There is a certain amount of awe and excitement about waking up with the Sun. Recharged of mind, body and spirit, I ease into the here and now, trying to recall if the night has whispered anything of significance to me in my dreams. 
I have a never-ending  list of tasks, commitments and obligations before me, but I consciously place them secondary to the urging of this moment. I seek to insert myself gracefully into the role each day would have me play. My schemes can wait. I let the Universe direct me, removing my expectations of what I can wrest from the larger picture.
I put both feet on the floor and rise, stretching my arms towards the sky.
“Thank You for another day.”
I make my bed and venture out the door to see what the day will bring…


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