Expect Delays

I am driving home.

I am hot and tired.

I am hating you, them and everyone else.

Traffic slows to a complete stop.

A firetruck elbows it’s way past me.

A mile or so later I catch up. 

I see the road littered with parts of what was once a car.

People are outside of their vehicles helping clear debris.

A woman is crying.

She is holding her infant in her arms.

For her, nothing else in the world matters but the fact that her child is safe.

I pull over to see if I can help.
How dare I complain about being inconvenienced?

How selfish and self-absorbed am I?

What is wrong with me?
I am self-centered.

I make assumptions.

I take my feelings out on others.

I have no patience.

My “problems” don’t even begin to register on a scale outside of my own head.
I’m embarrassed.
I thank the Universe for all that is-

For people helping each other.

For the woman who is lucky enough to be holding her child.

For all of the blessings I enjoy.
Let me be of service.

Help me see past myself.

Keep me grateful for simple things.
~ S.D.


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