Passed Past

Passed Past
We are held back from our highest potential by relationships without closure, paralyzing fear, and unresolved anger.
We have lived with unprocessed pain and dodged dealing with the intolerable. We lied to ourselves, existing in a haze, anesthetized. Numbed to the reality of our existence, we never learned how to live. 
Personal growth is dependent on healing from the past. Healing requires that we develop self- awareness, right wrongs where possible and accept that some things are unchangeable. 
Without clear and honest understanding, we drift between denial and delusion. We either deny our pain or we block it from our consciousness, to a point where we refuse to let ourselves believe the way things were. We become self-aware, right-sized and learn who we are.
Without balancing the scales, thrown off as a result of our behaviors, we continue to be plagued by anger, fear and damaged relationships. We must make things right where we can, creating no more wreckage in the process. 
Without admission that some things cannot be the way we would like them to be, we can never be at peace. Events cannot be changed. Some situations are not for us to fix. When we surrender to what is, we become grounded in reality; efficient and effective in our actions.
In order to become who we are meant to be, we must heal and grow. We are patient and kind to ourselves as we learn to live, remembering that what we do today becomes our history tomorrow. 
~ S.D.


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