Tradition 2 – Equality 

2. Tradition of Equality
Among my fellows, I have an equal voice and an equal presence. The tradition of Equality feeds the tradition of Unity, building on the ideal of being united as one, but it also must come with the understanding that as a part of the whole, I have something of value to contribute. It reminds me that others also have value with what they contribute.
We are all trusted servants to something greater- the well-being of the group. Altruism is seen as the sacrifice of self for the benefit of the whole. For me, it means the sacrifice of selfishness, but not at the expense of my worth. Through the practices of humility, trust, faith  and honesty, individuals can be united, balanced and equal. We evolve into a collective conscience, connected through harmonious action and synchronicity of spirit. The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you.
Our voice and our presence is determined by the overall consciousness of the group. We are a liquid entity that transforms together, despite our personal thoughts and feelings. 
We all must lead and we all must follow. We walk along side one another, weaving through this journey. The path narrows and widens, rises and falls, but it always seeks a balanced equilibrium. 
We are more the same than we are different. 
We are equal. 


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