Tradition 5 – Purpose 

5. Tradition of Purpose
Human beings do so much. We are many things to many people. Each one of us is an amalgamation of intention, desire, plans, values, ideals and dreams. All complex creatures, whirling through minutes, days and years, all occupying the same space.
What if, collectively, we could narrow our focus to one central idea?

What if we could find a way to put that idea into action toward a common purpose?

What if there was just one primary purpose that we could all agree is fundamental to our coexistence?
Imagine the infinite  possibility and Power that could be harnessed with such affirmation and cooperation on a grand scale. I believe human beings are here to heal one another and grow. We are, at our base, simply conduits of healing and growth. We have been created to radiate love one another. This message of love is carried by us through our actions in everyday life. We exist to share hope. This is our singleness of purpose- to help one another.
We are not messengers, we are the message. 

Be the message of hope.


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