○, ● & ☆☆

The Sun, Moon and Stars
The Sun showed himself in all his glory, bright and warm. Everyone loved the Sun. With his arrival he brought new beginnings and ushered light into the darkest of places. He was steadfast as the people spun around him. They would come and go, but they would always return to him each day and celebrate in all his glory. 
The Moon was just as awe-inspiring as her counterpart, the Sun. She went on her own path though, circling the people more frequently, a shining example of growth and change. Always in a state of transformation, she traveled around, reminding everyone than nothing remains the same for very long. 
Intertwined in a never-ending dance, the Sun and Moon would flirt with each other for all to see. They would grow close and then retreat. It seemed as if the two would never meet. 
Then one day, the Moon came between the people and the Sun and in that brief moment the Sun was eclipsed by the beauty and power of the Moon.  It was from this magical union that two stars were born- Strength and Hope.
Strength came first. He was a reflection of the Sun, powerful and strong. He glowed with the same determination as his mother. He was a symbol to all that no hurdle was high enough to stand in the way of what one person could offer the Universe.
Hope soon followed. She seemed to stand in the shadow of Strength, but she was a different type of star. As bright as her father, her presence brought joy and wonderment to all who saw her. Like the Moon, she radiated the essence of possibility and what could be. 
The Sun and Moon soon parted  to continue on their separate paths, but their two stars continue to shine brightly in the sky as constant reminders to all that with Strength and Hope anything is possible. 


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