The Hammer

Max was a young boy when his father gave him a hammer. It wasn’t the greatest hammer ever, but it was a good one, and Max loved it. He played with the hammer so much, he began to put his other toys aside.
Max grew into a fine young man and dedicated his life to focusing on his swing. Soon he became a master at wielding his hammer. He could drive a 16 penny nail into a piece of wood with one mighty shot.
By nature, he was very creative, innovative and adept at building things. So Max decided he would build his very own home. In a stroke of genius, Max found he could use the claw on the back of the hammer to cut wood if he swung it just right, so he gave up his saw. This was fine with Max because he wasn’t very handy with it anyhow. Max knew exactly how long the hammer was, so he let the hammer be his gauge. Besides Max had never learned fractions, so he had no use for a tape measure either.
One night after a long day’s work, Max began to look closer at the home he was constructing. Each and every nail was perfectly spaced and properly placed, but everything else he was building was slightly off. The floor wasn’t wasn’t level. The walls weren’t plumb. In fact, not a single cut matched up on the entire structure.
Max was furious. In a rage, he started swinging his hammer wildly, smashing his partially constructed home. He came to a wall that he had masterfully nailed, dug his hammer deep into the wall and commenced prying out each and every nail. Then suddenly, his hammer snapped. Max, without any other tools, sat in a pile of debris. He knew he was beat.
But the story didn’t end there. Eventually, Max asked for help. He found friends who helped him develop new skills. They shared their tools with him and together they constructed something beyond Max’s wildest imagination.
-When all we have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail

-One tool is never enough, we must select the right tool for the job

-Together we can rebuild


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