Tradition 9 – Representation 

9. Tradition of Representation
In the spirit of humility, as servants of the whole, we put the group first. We are responsible to our fellows, not for them.
We all possess certain unique qualities and traits that lend us to be suited for various roles. We take our talents and share them for the betterment of others. We are all students. We are all teachers. We transmit spiritual principles and traditions to one another. We grow together as we practice this New Design for living. We all take turns contributing for mutual benefit.
In a world where we are all equal, everyone becomes a representative, responsible to the entire collective. Our individual roles are not to be judged or compared, instead they are celebrated and revered.
Ultimately, there is no real authority. We walk side by side, hand in hand, blazing a path toward a shared destiny. If we each stay loyal to these traditions, the need exert dominance or control is nonexistent.
I belong to the group, the group does belong to me. I am merely a servant and custodian of tradition and principle.
There is no hierarchy in the spirit of service.
~ S.D.


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