Beware of the shadow people…
Silence engulfs the room. I am frozen in between breaths, afraid to make a sound.  I can hear my pulse in my ears.
I try not to move, scared to alert them to my presence. I have the lights off, but I still feel them watching me. My eyes are wide, scanning the room for movement. Nothing. Stillness, but I know they are there.
My empty stomach growls. Startled, my heart jumps out of my chest. I wonder if they heard it. They know I am there. So I return to listening. Waiting. Watching them watch me.
Part of me knows I am insane, unable to tell the true from the false. Lines become blurred and I lose my bearings. No one else can see them, but I  know they are there. I’ve seen them.
When I am in this state, they come for me. This is my reality. It doesn’t matter what anyone else sees. I am stuck in the middle. Paralyzed. They beckon to me, trying to coax me to cross over. They want me to join them, but I don’t want to leave.
I know I cannot live like this anymore.


In the dark.

Waiting for them to take me.
Beware of the shadow people…
~ S.D.


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