Surviving The Rip Tide
Trying to swim to shore, I feel the current drawing me further out into the vastness of the ocean. My natural instinct is to try and swim harder against the tide, but the pull is stronger than me.
I have tried this fight before. I have frantically panicked, exhausting all of my energy fighting against the forces of the Universe. I have struggled until I have nothing left and been swept out to sea.
Today, I have a new strategy, two options. One, I can swim across the current under my own power to find calmer waters and come to shore. Or I can give myself over to the current, float and let it take me where it wants. In either case, if I need help I can simply raise my hand and trust my fellows to rescue me.
When I stop fighting and relax, I make clearer decisions. I recognize a Power greater than myself and surrender to it. I have faith that no matter the ebb and flow that I will always be safe and protected no matter what the situation or circumstance.
When we resist, it persists.
~ S.D.


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