Built for This

I don’t believe I suffer or struggle as a result of the whims from an omnipresent being who sits on clouds and indiscriminately hurls lightning bolts at me as punishment for being human.
My struggle and suffering is a result of my actions and choices. There are situations and circumstances that are beyond my control and life has a way of showing up despite my will. But I struggle largely because I find no pleasure in discomfort, and for the simple fact that I have little tolerance for things that aren’t the way I think they should be. I suffer because I have limited acceptance, understanding and gratitude. Consciously or unconsciously, I decide how much I struggle and suffer.
Too often, I fail to connect the relationships between my decisions and the situations or circumstances I face. When left to my own devices, my default setting is to try and control the uncontrollable. Instinctively, I am governed by selfishness, resentment, dishonesty and fear. The more I think the Universe is out to get me personally, the more I fight. My actions and choices are the determinants of the extent to which I feel pain.
Intuition shows me that everything I perceive as a struggle is, in all actuality, simply a reminder. The predicaments I face are tests of faith- lessons on how to live and opportunities to move forward toward something greater than I can comprehend in the moment.
My suffering is my own. The Universe has hand-picked me to overcome specific trials and tribulations because I am uniquely qualified to endure them, even when I don’t believe it myself. I have been created to be a testament to perseverance and hope. Each day is a gift, regardless of how I interpret it in the moment.
My curses are my blessings. 

Every defect is another chance to grow and build a better me.

Every shortcoming is a possibility to be of service and heal.
I was built for this…and so are you.


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