When a tree exhibits external signs of stress it is usually a sign of something unseen. The decline we see is typically a symptom of something below the surface. Treating the symptoms can improve aesthetics and outward appearance, but if we wish to treat the real problem we must look deeper at the underlining cause. The answer is often found in the roots and the environment in which the tree grows.
I am not much different from a tree. I can also manifest external signs of stress, when my internal condition is suffering. I try time and time again to fix what the world sees, with the hope that somehow it will fix my internal state. When I concentrate on the outside, I tend to neglect the real issues.
My problems almost always are found beneath the surface. My roots have been damaged, girdled and severed. The soil I am rooted in has been depleted of nutrients, compacted and saturated by stagnant water. In order to be vital I must have fertile ground and room to grow.
Today I will give myself the same care I give to trees. I will look below the surface and examine my roots. I will cultivate the ground and replenish it with what I need to grow into a strong, healthy and vital specimen.
~ S.D.


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