Too Soon 

I have written everyday for the last 3 months. My friends are inundated with my thoughts as I redistribute inspiration throughout the Universe. I digest feelings and turn them into words to share with my fellows.

I am rarely at a loss for what to say. It comes flowing through me intuitively almost as if the words are not my own. Then life, or death rather, shows up. I search for the words and they aren’t there. I sit on the cliffs and I feel like my connection to all of you has been severed.
I write about life and living so much I forget about death. The older I get, the more I am visited by death. My initial reaction is to focus on “why.” Why doesn’t serve me in the context of what I am looking for. I am looking for a reason, an explanation or some sort of understanding. There is none.
In this context, why is an intellectual proposition and the wrong question. The question I need to ask is how to find acceptance of what is. Death is not separate from life. It is a part of life. How do I reconcile and accept that fact?
I was told “as long as there is life there is Hope.” So when death comes, what happens to Hope? Does it end? Does Hope die and disappear?
I refuse to believe that Hope can be taken from us so easily or extinguished. We must look for it. When we do, we will see that Hope is still there. 
Whether, as scientists, we we believe that matter is neither created or destroyed, that it simply changes form; or as worshippers of a specific religion, we believe that angels exist all around us in every moment; or as people of mixed beliefs and spirituality, we can see a combination of the two; I cannot believe that inevitable death is an end to Hope. We all share Hope through Love.
We walk this earth in these amazing, marvelous shells that are our bodies. As durable as they are fragile, they house our Light for a short and limited time. I have seen that some of us have a Light so bright that it refuses to be trapped in a clumsy, awkward container for long. Their Light is so intense that it seeks to be released into the Universe for all to enjoy. It is our job to take that Light and give it to others, so that we all have just a little more Hope. That Hope is Love set free from human form.
We grieve our personal losses. We miss our loved ones. We nurture eachother and heal together. We remember how they touched our lives and we give that back to all we come in contact with. We spread that Light to others. Death, most certainly, is not the end. It is a transitionary state where we learn how to live without our fallen.
This is the time that we learn how to Love even more despite our broken hearts. This is the time when we draw together and become stronger. This is the time for Hope to grow.
I mourn selfishly because we lost another incredible human being. But from that I am reminded how to live. 

I am reminded to tell those around me how I truly feel everyday. 

I am reminded to hug my family and friends just a little bit tighter. 

I am reminded not to be so glum and serious. 

I am reminded to do the things that bring me joy. 

And, I am reminded that tomorrow is never promised. I only exist now in this moment.
May your moments be many, but more importantly may your moments be filled with Love.


I will miss you, but I can still see and feel your Light.

Thank you for the reminder. 




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