“There but for the grace of God, go I”

I am vulnerable to the same misfortunes as the next person. When faced with similar circumstance, I am just as likely to suffer a similar fate…if not for Grace.

Grace is a gift. It is the sum of all the blessings that I get to enjoy through no entitlement or obligation. I deserve nothing, yet inexplicably, I receive another second chance to live life as part of this Larger Whole. 

I wasted untold time trying to reconcile why I have this second chance. Like the abashment I feel from a compliment I am afraid to accept, I question if I am worthy of this Grace.

In all reality, I am but one cog in this Grand Machine. My job is to be in action and live in acceptance of what is. My job is not to ask why. Why keeps me in the problem, while acceptance allows me to exist in the solution. 

I am not qualified to be a judge, using the simple human terms by which I am limited. Myopic vision keeps me from seeing the bigger picture. 

When I am of service and in acceptance, I am the same as you- essential, vital and useful with purpose.

Our experiences may vary, but our lot is the same- we all rely on the seemingly abstract mercy of the Universe. Let us just be grateful for Grace as it fills our lives. 
Not on my terms. 
Not in my time.
Not according to my plan.


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