Fallen Angel 

​I found an angel once.

It wasn’t as spectacular or grandiose as one might think. I believe angels are often overlooked. Everyone always looks for wings, but one must realize not all angels have them. An angel is just a being whose  spirit is so strong, it overflows from their physical form. The power of an overflowing spirit can create a connection that is unmatched by any other form of attraction. If one is patient and looks closely, there are angels everywhere. 

It was safe to say that no one else had ever truly  recognized what was so obvious to me. Across the room I noticed her immediately. She was beautiful. It was the kind of beauty that wasn’t readily apparent to all. But I saw it. The longer I stared, the more beautiful she became. 

There was something sad in her demeanor that lay just beneath her glow. This particular angel was troubled, less confident than one might expect an angel to be. I wanted a closer look. 

I was slightly intimidated by her presence, but intrigue outweighed apprehension. I found courage, approached, and we spoke. 

The conversation flowed naturally. It was as if we had always known one another. She talked of falling from grace, describing it as a slow and steady decline of self respect and dignity. The story was familar, for I had lived a similar one myself. I listened intently. I shared too.

We laughed, and cried, and laughed again. Our words spanned what could have been hours days or even months. Time didn’t register the same as we shared our most intimate experiences. Growing, healing and changing. I prayed silently that our talk would never end. 

But soon she began to feel better. Unburdened of the weight that held her down, she was ready to  rise again. She stood up to leave. And with a soft smile, she was gone as quickly as she had appeared. Reluctant to move from the spot where we met, I knew it was time to go, for I felt a little lighter too. 

I spread my wings, letting the wind carry me away.
~ S.D.


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