THE Solution

I am not the solution.

I practice the solution.
I am as powerless over another’s illness as I am over my own.

I cannot stop anyone.

I cannot fix anyone.
I can share strategies, tips and tricks to not drink or use, most of which never had a long lasting effect on sustainable sobriety- fear,  avoidance of temptation, geographic relocation, hiding, white knuckling, or leaning on those close to us. But the only thing that worked for me was a physical separation from drugs and alcohol; and even that was not lasting without further action.
Thanks to a program of recovery, what I can show another person is how to life life so that a drink or a drug is no longer a necessity. There is a way to deal with the illness of alcoholism and addiction where we don’t have to obsess or ever get loaded again. I can provide assistance with  the same steps and direction that were offered to me to make a sufficient change in my thoughts and actions.
I have found a sufficient substitute.

I have a solution that really works.

The rest is out of my hands…


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