The Exceptions 

You might be sitting next to them in meetings- a broken person with the desire to stop drinking and using…
They are unwilling, dishonest and closed-minded.

They are NOT powerless over drugs or alcohol- life has NOT become unmanageable.

They refuse to believe there is hope. They will not believe in anything other than their own self-will and determination.

They decline to make a decision to turn their lives over to anything other than self.

They aren’t angry or fearful and refuse to look at themselves.

They will admit nothing to anyone.

They have no willingness to change.

There is nothing to change.

They have harmed no one.

They are entitled and deserving. They will get what’s their’s no matter the cost.

They will not be accountable or responsible. They will worry about what they want and what they don’t have.

They will not grow or seek new experiences.

They have no message and have come to see what they can get, not what they can give.
They are the EXCEPTIONS.

They are us.

Remember you are sitting in a room full of sick people trying to get well.

Love and tolerance is our code.
~ S.D.


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