The Bridge

 From Fear to Freedom
I used to live on my tiny island of Fear- lost, lonely and alone,

Neighbored by Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration and Despair.

I saw other flagging spirits on their little islands.

Tired eyes, looking for something more, something Greater.
I watched a mounting exodus and it gave me just enough courage to begin.

I started to believe that change was possible, even for me.

For the first time, I could see the outline of a New Land in the distance.

I began the long trudge across the Bridge of Reason.
Walking side-by-side with other seeking souls, those willing to believe there could be a place where life was different,

People with a desire to trek upon another Path.

Just being present on the Long Span felt better than I could have ever imagined.

These feelings didn’t exist where I came from.

Peace, Clarity, Serenity and Hope joined me on my journey.

And it was there that the Bridge of Reason abruptly stopped short…
On the Bridge, we could see those who had already made it ashore.

They beckoned to us, hands stretched out in welcome.

Most of us stood on the Bridge, content with the view and feeling better than we had ever known, but still unable to move forward.

Fear had followed us to the edge and we stopped, frozen in our tracks.
I asked myself, “How can I get to the Land of Freedom on the Bridge of Reason if it fails to reach where I want to be?”
No sooner did I ask the question, when I saw a most curious sight.

One-by-one, people stepped off of the Bridge, into the abyss.

I expected to hear screams as they plummeted through the Unknown, but instead I heard joyous laughter.

And then it was my turn.

I was apprehensive, but no longer afraid or too paralyzed to move.

I was ready.

I reached out, and with one single step my feet grasped New Soil.

I was planted firmly in Freedom.

I had arrived Home at long last.
Reason is comforting,

But Faith is the Bridge from Fear to Freedom.


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