3 Little…Recovering Addicts

Once upon a time there were 3 little recovering addicts, fresh out of the treatment center. Each set out to build a new life in sobriety. 
The 1st addict built his entire sobriety around his work. The 2nd addict built his sobriety around his lover. Each of the 2 rushed to get back the things they lost as quickly as possible. They got what they wanted then became increasingly less vigilant, lulling around, celebrating their victory over Big Bad Addiction. 
The 3rd addict had a tougher time building his sobriety. It was a slow process. He struggled in the beginning, spending his time creating a new way of life. His mornings started with prayer; days were filled with service; evenings were spent at meetings, doing step work and developing a strong fellowship and support network. Nights ended with meditation and inventory. 
Big Bad Addiction watched from afar. He spied the 2 little recovering addicts, one focused on his lover and one focused on his work, and Addiction thought to himself, what a perfect time it would be to make a visit. 
Addiction came for the 1st little addict, who ran to his job. But alas, his job couldn’t help him. Work had already sent him to rehab and they were done. Addiction smiled and gobbled up the job. The addict ran to his friend, the 2nd little addict. But Addiction followed. 
The 2nd little addict’s lover answered the door. She had developed healthy boundaries and had no more patience for any of it. She kicked both addicts to the curb and just like that, Big Bad Addiction whisked away the 2nd little addict’s lover.
With nowhere else to turn and Addiction in hot pursuit, the 2 little addicts ran to their friend. Addiction tried to enter the house of the 3rd little addict but he could not, for it was built on solid ground. 
It was on that foundation that the 3rd little recovering addict helped his friends develop a new way of life. There they lived happily ever after, without ever having fear of Big Bad Addiction again.


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