The Wave

I found something to connect with that is greater than me.
I went to the beach.

I left all those big ideas, thoughts and feelings on the sand.

I walked down into the water.

I tried to stop the waves, all different sizes.

I experienced what happens.

I did not decide first.

It was not an intellectual exercise.

It was a spiritual experienceo

The revelation was found in the process.
Get wet.

Look silly.

Get pummeled.

Get up.

Repeat, until exhausted.
Turn around.

Don’t fight the wave.

Go with it.

Let the wave take over.

Do not resist.

Work with the wave instead of against it. 

Do not think.

I cannot stop it.

I cannot control it.

I can enjoy it or fight it.
Once I accept it, then it grows bigger than I ever have imagined it could be.

I meet a Power Greater than myself on universal terms, not my own.

I dare you to play in the natural world.
Treat yourself to a spiritual experience.

Get out of your head.

Surrender the fight and enjoy the wave.
~ S.D.


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