Hate is…

Hate is a sickness that spreads unnoticed, unchecked, growing exponentially. It is transmitted from person to person until all feel it’s draining effect.

Hate is the corrosive acid that dissolves hope and serenity. 

All consuming, hate destroys me from the inside out until there is nothing left.

Hate is the unnecessary armor that chafes and binds. It sheaths me from what I assume to be bad, yet it is uncomfortable, stifles any feeling of good.

Hate drives a wedge that tears me away from people, places, things, situations and circumstance. It severs connections and separates me from what I don’t understand and what I cannot accept.

Hate is an assumption that I am qualified pass judgement on another. It is criticism of a Grand Design beyond our comprehension. 

Hate is unwillingness and ignorance brought to life. This lazy word used without thought holds a hidden power that diminishes light every time it is uttered.

Hate is is the violent, ugly and distorted reflection of who I think I am. It is ego trying to destroy what it thinks is the root of its unhappiness.  

Hate is fear.
I am the cure for hatred.

I have the solvent to stop the corrosion of  my internal condition.

I chose to relinquish my armor.

I am the adhesive that mends the fissures of division. 

I am understanding.

I look past my feelings toward Universal light.

I am peaceful, beautiful and clear.

I am Love.
~ S.D.
I am not what I want to be…

I am not what I ought to be…

I am not what I’m going to be… 

But most importantly, I am not what I used to be…


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