No Soliciting 

There’s nothing to buy. I am not a barker or pitch man for a product. I am not peddling snake oil or any magic cure. I no longer work for self. My life is no longer my business. My experience is not a late-night infomercial. 
I have found a New Design for Living. My only job is to offer experience, strength and hope to those who are suffering. Take it or leave it. Do it or dont. What you see is what you get. If you like what you see than it can be yours too. There is more than enough for everyone. There are no contracts to sign. No fine print. No hidden membership fees. No compounded interest to pay. No parts or accessories needed. No exhorbent shipping and handling costs. 
The terms and conditions are set by a Universe greater than me and greater than you. The price is the destruction of selfishness. The reward is acceptance, serenity and freedom.  This was the easier, softer way I had never known. This life sells itself.
~ S.D. 


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