I divorce myself from conscious contact with a Power Greater than myself with fear and selfishness.
Yet the Great Spirit continues to beckon to me. It refuses to be ignored.

The familiar is for me to assume control and attempt to force my will. But these actions are unnatural opposite the Vastness. I am meant to be connected and grounded. I was born out of Love. From Love I have strayed. To Love I return.
By Nature, I am teathered to Mother Earth and inseparable from Father Time. I am part of the Whole and an integral cog in the Grand Machine. This Higher Power never severs this connection. I separate myself from my fellows and the rest of the world with selfcentered  thoughts, feelings and actions. I am the biggest hurdle to contentment in this life.
Today, I recognize that I am linked to a Spiritual Conduit beyond limited human comprehension. Now awakened, I cannot unsee. My life is no longer my own. I honor and respect the understanding of this Great Fact as the most cherished relationship I can know. I acknowledge the role I am assigned in this life. I commit myself and show respect by offering myself in service of the Greater Good. I seek Good Orderly Direction. I abandon myself to this Way of Life.
My attention is Yours 


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