Bye Bye

​I release you to the Universe…
The more things change, the more you stay the same.

Thank you for showing me you are exactly who I remember.

I will always extend my hand with hope, but I reserve faith for a Power greater than you.

My expectations of your behavior leads to resentment and spiritual sickness.

I refuse to be your excuse and I am not your cure.

I am just a bystander who cares. 

I cannot watch any more and I no longer wish to participate complicit to your actions.

I’ve made my demonstration. 

I’ve done my part.

It’s water over the dam. 

I am not disappointed, I am in acceptance of who you are. 

You will always be a friend, just not active in my life at this moment in time. 

I cannot afford the cost of your company. 

I appreciate you allowing us both the freedom to move on. 
Thank you


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