The Wave

I step out of my comfort zone and wade into the vast unknown

The illusion of control is still intact

With each step self confidence wanes

The deeper I venture, the less I am sure of and the more I have to rely on trust

With predictible expectation, I brace myself for the inevitable

They come in a relentless series, one after the next, sweeping and drawing me in

I push back with all my might and the results are disastrous

I am thrown and pummeled

The force is overwhelming, but I am stubborn

I fight back

It’s comical at first, but the more I struggle the more tired I become

When I resist, it persists

With my resolve weakened, fear creeps in

I begin to question my strength

The more I fight the more tired I become

There is comfort in the fact I know I am over-powered 

I relax and surrender 

I feel my buoyancy and float

The swell surges again

This time I let the current take me

I am no longer opposing this incredible energy

I know I am not in control…
…But I have a choice:

Fight, or ride the wave until my feet are planted firmly on the shore


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