Be Humble or Be Hobbled 

If you drink and use like me, you may require a physical separation from drugs and alcohol to get right.
It is possible to get sober without a treatment center, but not for all of us. We can choose to create the physical separation or have one forced upon us.

It will come no matter what, assuming we live.
This is the beauty of a progressive illness. It may be a long drawn out process. It may look like hospitalization or incarceration but I have no doubt the separation will come if we are able survive the illness.
Get on your knees or be forced to your knees…there is only- “be humble or be hobbled.” There has never been a third option.
The only question is:

How much pain are we willing to subject ourselves, and others, to before we become willing to accept help?
Surrender is the easier, softer way.


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