“Drink For Me”

For Joe-

He loved her with all his heart. He was sure they’d never part.

His perfect match and soulmate. It was worth the wait and felt like fate. 
10 years of bliss. But under the surface lay something more insidious.
His drinking grew and he couldn’t stand it. This is not the way that he had planned it. 
The alcohol soon took control. In his heart there grew a hole.
To love her more he would quit. But she liked him drunk and loved him sick. 
If he was to live he had to recover. But if he got well he’d lose his lover. 
She resented the day that he got sober. And from that day their love was over. 
Codependancy is it’s own special sickness. Some fear change so much that they would rather we drink ourselves to death, than see us get well.  


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