1 Thru 12

The Steps I Take
The great pretender, I seek to SURRENDER

Complete acceptance that I never remember
At the end of my rope I found a thimble of HOPE

Came to believe because I couldn’t cope
Made the decision, made the COMMITMENT

Act without thought, and try something different
Next, I come to honor me, honestly with HONESTY

What I was, what I am, and what I will come to be
Face fear with strength, in action with COURAGE

Seek the fire to inspire, I won’t be discouraged
Go to any lengths to show gratitude and WILLINGNESS

Balance the scales as I do due diligence
Get on my knees before I’m hobbled with HUMILITY

Give all that I am, which is every last bit of me
Clearly I see, see? New glasses of CLARITY

Restitution, solution, pay back, serenity
I must forgive before I get FORGIVENESS

Amend my behavior as I come to bear witness
Day by day, I continue my GROWTH

Set right my wrongs, and live by my oath
Pray not prey…pause, PERSEVERANCE

Daily inspiration instead my usual ignorance
Servant of service is my key to FREEDOM

Practice the principles, Power-filled in the Kingdom…
~ S.D.


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