3rd Step Prayer to the Water and the Fire

Great Ocean, 
I turn myself over to the ebb and flow of the Tides 

I have stopped my struggle and offer myself to the vast Currents 

The Water takes me where I need to be

Carry all of my burdens and all of my joys 

Help me ride these Waves 

I am buoyant and ask to share this feeling with my fellows 

The Power 

The Love This Way of Life 

Always Grateful
Glowing Embers,
I submit to these Coals all that is me, my flaws and my strengths 

Cleanse me with Flames that I may begin anew 

I bask in the comfort of the Fire

I invite those in my presence to feel the Heat 

I soak in the Warmth and take that Energy with me into this day

I kindle this Blaze and radiate it to all I encounter



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