My Brother’s Keeper

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”
A sponsee asked me to talk with a newcomer that wanted to drink.

We talked.

I told him I couldn’t keep him sober anymore than I could keep myself sober, but that I would share my experience, strength and hope with him.

He responded by reaching in his pocket and producing a bag of white powder.

I told him, while neither of us could choose not to be an addict, he could make a decision to not do that dope just for the night.

He asked if I would throw it away for him.

I said no.

I couldn’t do it for him, but reminded him that he could.

We stood together as he dumped out the contents of the bag and crushed the contents under foot.

Then, we stood together and began to cry.

The presence of Something Greater than the two of us was undeniable.

We both stayed sober one more day.

Then, we both decided we would choose to work toward another 24 hours together.
I am still clean and sober today.

The program hasn’t changed.

The solution is the same.

We share a problem, but we are bound by solution. 

Together, we do recover. 


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