Relapse and the Solution…

In my personal experience, relapse is NOT part of THE program, it is part of someone’s story. Relapse assumes some sobriety, it is not simply a break between using sprees. Relapse is the result of what happens when we refuse to work all of the program. Relapse is what happened to me when I just went to meetings and didn’t do the work to heal, change and grow. 

Statistically, relapse is a huge part of the recovery process because most alcoholics/addicts will end up exhausting all of their human power trying to prove themselves the exception to the rule. They will continue the insanity of addiction and alcoholism until they are mangled enough to accept a radical program of action that requires actual work, and not just intellectual and theoretical contemplation.
Relapse is what happens when the spiritual malady becomes so great that the mental obsession returns and leads me to my default treatment for my damaged internal condition. The obsession takes over and I try the old way again, thereby activating the physical craving and all control is lost. My first solution has always been to get loaded to escape myself. 
Relapse is what happens when I don’t stay connected and fail to continue a program of action. Relapse is when I revert to my former solution for living. I am responsible for my relapse as much as I am responsible for my recovery. 
Once I finally turned my will and my life over to a New Design for Living, there was no relapse. By continuing daily treatment of my internal condition, the obsession to drink or use has not returned. Without the obsession, I no longer have to put a mind altering substance in my body or trigger the physical phenomenon of craving. Relapse happens after I’ve found the solution and stop practicing it on a daily basis.


Drugs and alcohol have always been a Power Greater than me.
Today, I have a Higher Power that is stronger than any substance. 
Today, I will live in the solution…
~ S.D.


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