Regional Prelims – Texas

Once again, I only say do your best and I have no doubt you will qualify today.
I have watched in awe as you continue to impress everyone who watches. Your drive, stamina and raw talent is undeniable. Know that where you stand today is among the very best at what you do. You have earned that spot through hard work. All you have to do is finish strong.
I say stuff like “race the clock,” but I am no track coach. I am confident that I know my son though. You don’t need to race the clock, but the only person your are racing is yourself. You are your only competition. 
All I have ever asked of you is that you do your best, and you have never let me down. Lead with your best in every racd and you will never fail, no matter the results at the end of the day.
My father used to say I was a gazelle for the way I bounded when I ran. If I am the gazelle, then you are the leopard; faster and quicker than I could ever hope to be. You are a nature’s perfect predator, designed to devour the herd. You don’t give up and that makes you the most dangerous competitor to anyone running alongside you.
Be the leopard.
I always say that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. You are prepared. This is another opportunity. By definition, you have already created your own luck.
Come off the blocks clean and fly over the hurdles with lightening grace as you have always done. When I look at the person you have become, I know you have already won.
I won’t be standing at the finish line today, but I will be with you as I always am.
One race.




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