Alexandria, 19

Alexandria Davis,
Don’t think you escaped the obligatory public-birthday-dad rant. 
I’ve been thinking about being a parent especially a dad. No one ever questions the bond between mother and child. a

After all moms get to carry babies around in the womb for 9 months, starting the bonding process long before dads do. I got to feel phantom kicks and talk to you before I saw your face, but it’s not the same.
I’m no Mom, but I know our bond is forever strong. I remember when you were born, they let your mother hold you briefly then whisked you away to the incubator because you were so tiny. I followed and easily found you amongst the other babies by your distinct cry. I’ve been waiting, ready to answer your cries for daddy, ever since. That will never change. 
Your brother was my first, a symbol of strength. While you have always been my hope. You remind me to be happy, carefree and genuine. You radiate your light when you enter a room. As smart as you are beautiful, you are all a father could ask for and more.  
Watching you find your path as you become an adult continues to fill me with pride. The road is not always clearly defined and I want to catch you when I see you stumble, but I stand back and have yet to see you fall. No more training wheels. You stand beside me as a woman. 
Still, you will always be my baby girl and I know it frustrates you sometimes. But trust that I don’t just love you because you are my daughter. I love you because you have grown into a person I respect and enjoy spending time with. I will always be here, not only as your father, but also as your friend. 
Happy birthday and thank you for 19 years of being you.
Love You,


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