Inventory Relationship Ideals

What would my Mother have me be?

She doesn’t want me to  manipulate.
She wouldn’t want me to use what I fear to control someone else.  
She doesn’t want me to feel, or arouse suspicion, jealousy, doubt or melancholy.
She wouldn’t want me to put the material before the spiritual.
She doesn’t want me to be concerned with the superficial or shallow.

She wants me to be healthy, happy and whole.
She asks that I find those things with grace.
She would have me be selfless, open and honest in all my affairs.

She wants me to be kind to all but faithful and loyal to the right person when that person comes into my life.
She asks that I be a source of strength.
She would have me pause and rely on principles to guide my actions.

She wants me to work hard and recognize greatness.
She asks that I know I am safe and protected with another or alone.
She would have me be the same person no matter where I go, what I do or who I am with.

She wants my separate worlds to blend gently, becoming balanced and true.
She asks that I serve the greater good.
She would have me be a man, a father, a son, a brother and a friend.

I have to be trustworthy,  transparent and truthful.
My selfishness requires me to be of service.
I don’t always know what’s best for me.
My wants deter me from real purpose and direction.
I must reciprocate the love and tolerance I have been shown.
My deception hurts myself and others.
I cannot control, shape, mold or run any relationship.
My fears cannot dictate my actions.
I will accept love and give love as she loves me.
I trust and I have faith.

Take me as I am
Recreate me as You would have me be
I surrender myself to You
Let me treat every woman as Your daughter
Make me humble, truthful, caring and selfless
Teach me to live, laugh love
Thank You,

~ S.D.


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