Prayer for the Day 6/4/17

•help me

•free me from the bondage of self

•show me that I am not my fears

•faith in You provides me with all I need to get through what I feel right now

•let me realize my gifts are unique to me and in Your eyes I am exactly who You intended me  to be

•grant me grace that I can see I am not in competition with anyone or anything

•I am worthy just as You have made me

•give strength and patience to accept life on Your terms, in Your time and according to Your plan

•teach me how to trust

•remind me when I dont trust I cut myself off from what could be, I am cutting myself off from You

•reveal love from others as You have revealed Your love for me
When I am scared,

I know You will protect me as You always have

When I am lost,

I am comforted that Your path will lead me to Your light

When I am blind,

I listen for Your direction
I am Your canvas

I am Your creation

I give myself to You

I return to You the greatest gift You have given me
My will and life is testament to my commitment to this new design for living 

It is in You that I find my spiritual center and become firmly grounded in this Universe
Thank You from the bottom of my  heart for ALL that is

I am grateful for this relationship with You

I know I am going to be okay no matter what I face
Don’t Lose Sight


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