The City Addict and The Country Alcoholic

Not long ago a city addict went to visit his alcoholic cousin out in the country. The country alcoholic was excited to see his cousin and couldn’t wait to take him to his homegroup.


It was a Monday and the group didn’t meet until Friday, the city addict was a bit annoyed, but together they read daily inspirations out of spiritual books and contemplated the weekly meeting’s topic of experience, strength and hope.


Finally, the meeting day came and the country alcoholic proudly introduced his cousin to all 12 members of his meeting- the entire country fellowship. 
The meeting lasted an hour and a half, as they liked for everyone to have a chance to share. Afterwards they went to one member’s house, ate pie and continued talk about recovery.
After the first hour, the the city addict had lost interest and his mind wandered. All he could think of is how could his cousin could possibly stay sober on one meeting a week?
“Cousin, you must comeback with me to the big city and get a taste of real recovery.”
Being open-minded, the country alcoholic gratefully accepted his cousin’s generous offer and packed a small bag for a week long adventure in the city.
In the big city, the two cousins went to 3 meetings a day. There were speaker/discussions, stick meetings, tradition and step meetings- a whole host of meetings that the country alcoholic had never even heard of. 
At each meeting, the country alcoholic attempted to share, but he was never called on before the meeting ended. He tried to meet individuals at the meetings, but rarely saw the same person twice. 
Disheartened, the country alcoholic thanked his cousin for the experience but couldn’t wait to return to his homegroup where he felt at peace and perfect ease.
***The moral of the story is that there is no “right” way to do recovery. What works for one alcoholic/addict might not work for another. Recovery cannot be measured in the number of meetings we do or do not attend.
~ S.D.


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