Step 2 – Smoking 

2. I have come to believe that a Power greater than myself can restore the insanity of my nicotine addiction. 
There are others who have recovered from the obsession and cravings of nicotine. They have solved the cigarette problem. An intellectual understanding has proven insufficient. I am unable to stop based on knowledge of my problem.

My hope lies in willingness. I must be willing to go to any lengths to stop smoking. 

Faith will be my bridge from fear of stopping to freedom from the addiction to nicotine. Cigarettes have been my solution, my crutch, my reason and my reward. Now,  they are becoming the great persuader, beating me into a state of reasonableness.  This is my Gift Of Desperation. 

I must change my behavior if I desire different results. 

I have my faith bolstered by those who have learned a simple way of living as non smokers. 

I continue to be unsuccessful on my own. 

Perhaps together, we can. 

I believe if I do the work, I can be relieved of the cravings and obsession of nicotine addiction.


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