Normie and The Alcoholic 

Normie, knew his best friend, Jack had a drinking problem. For years Normie had tried to help, but to no avail, his long time friend just could not stop getting drunk. Jack had no solution for life other than to drink and because of the progressive nature of his illness, he continued to get worse.
Jack’s health was now rapidly failing, so Normie took his friend to the doctor. The prognosis wasn’t good. The doctor told Jack if he took one more drink, he would die. Normie made sure his friend understood the severity of the doctor’s words. Jack assured him that with his life at stake, there was no way on Earth he would take another drink.
Normie took Jack home and helped clear all of the liquor from Jack’s home. Confident there was no more booze in the house, Normie left.
The next day, Normie went to see his friend. Jack didn’t answer the door, so Normie let himself in. He was devastated to find Jack drunk on the floor. He was dying and could barely talk.
“Jack! My God, what happened? You knew if you drank again you would die!” Normie was fighting back tears and trying to be strong in his best friend’s last few moments.
Jack beckoned for Normie to come closer and whispered through his last dying breath, “My friend, I am an alcoholic, drinking is what I do…”
-With no solution, for us, it was just like that. 

Recover or die.
Normies don’t know Jack
~ S.D.


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