Father’s Day Guest Blog – Lecki

Thank you for singing high school musical duets with me and ALWAYS putting on a show🤗 Everyone else is always telling me “be quiet” or “chill out” or “you’re making a scene”, but not you. You’re my knight in shining armor who will break out into song whenever, dance in the middle of no one else dancing when a good song comes on, laugh and talk way too loud everywhere we go, and “woopwoop” at me (as loud as you can) from two blocks away to get my attention. You’ve always encouraged my animated attitude and have taught me that if you’re enjoying yourself there’s no time to be concerned with what other people are thinking. Thanks for not being afraid to be a little different then everyone else, you’ve made me learn that being a little “weird” is the best thing you could be in such a serious world. I love you more than the sun, the moon, and all of the stars. Please don’t ever stop being you, I love being the Gabriella to your Troy❤️ Happy Father’s Day, daddy


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