A Father’s Day Reflection  

To all who’s fathers have passed:

He isn’t gone. He is us. We honor the life we have been given and become the best reflection and representation of what we want to see in this world. 
To all parents:

Know today is not about us- today is about those who will follow us after we are gone. Today celebrates the most important gift we will ever be entrusted with. We treat our children like the blessings they are.
To all single mothers:

I can’t imagine. You are more powerful than I can comprehend. You are the fathers when we couldn’t be.
To all “step”dads:

Thank you for stepping up and making us  your own. You have no idea how important you are. There is room to love you as you are, not as a replacement or a stand-in, but a a parent. 
To all dads:

Being a father is more than creating a child. Being a father means we are responsible for lives we have created…spend more time, laugh more, hug more…remember this moment is fleeting and will never be again. We blink and they are grown…we must be the best dads we can be NOW.
To all our children:

We are human.

Despite our flaws, we commit to put you first and love you without condition. You have tough us what true love is. True love is being a father.
~with love,
Another Dad


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