Once not long ago, there were 3 who suffered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, each perplexed by a permanent, progressive and fatal illness.

To varying extents, each had lost something of great importance. They succumbed to the fact that life had become completely unmanageable. Not one of the 3 was able to control when getting loaded and not one could stay stopped for good.

So each set out to find a solution to their problem…

Number One had a rough and long affair with getting loaded. One had painfully experienced virtually every negative consequence as a result of his condition. One became convinced that memory of how bad it got would insure abstinence.

Number One built recovery around fear and the avoidance of temptation. Hiding from the world, One attempted to remember the worst, reliving all the consequences of the uncontrolled behavior.

One fought everyday, tooth and nail; and all went well for a brief amount of time. But eventually the fight became so exhausting and the memory of the last debacle began to fade. One could stand it no longer and got loaded rather than continue dry and miserable.

Number Two was smart, smarter than both One and Three. Two had accumulated vast amounts of knowledge regarding the illness.

Intellectually Number Two knew that one more was not a sound idea and began to build recovery around self-knowledge and sheer will power. Two just didn’t get loaded, no matter what, and life began to change. Good things showed up fast, and Two found imeadiate relief.

Soon, a dangerous thing happened for someone so smart, Two began to think. It stood to reason that if Two could stop, then control wasn’t really a problem.

One day, Two was relaxed, happy and it was a perfect day, a day that could only be made better by just getting loaded. With one, came a craving and with the craving began another spree, worse than any before.

NumberThree began to develop something the other two didn’t. NumberThree had found faith. It wasnt a religious type of faith, it was more of a deep rooted connection with the rest of the Universe. Three described it as spiritual. This innate trust that everything was as it was supposed to be and that all would be alright regardless of his circumstance.

In constant acceptance of what was, what is, and what will be, Number Three was serene and at peace finally. The quality of life born from this was like nothing Three had ever known. Getting loaded was not even a thought.

The only problem was Three was alone, and in such a vast Universe with no human tether there was no one for Three to share hope with. And the only way for hope to grow is if it is passed on.

So NumberThree sought out his friends, Experience and Strength, together they built a fellowship…
You see-

Experience and Strength need Hope, just as much as Hope needs them. We are integral to each other’s survival.
Alone we die.

Together we recover.


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