Deferred dreams, squandered my talents

Staggered, stumbled, losing my balance

Not a mime or minstrel, I got more potential
Explode another ode out the tip of my pencil

Frantic fanatic, manic, maniacal
Meathodical madness, my method’s mechanical

Magic mystic, Mister Majestic
Saint, sinner, cynic, killing the critic

Sarcastic, spastic, they’ll never catch this
They’re standing in gas while I’m striking a matchstick

I say what I could do but I would never hurt you
If I was police I’d stop, frisk and search you

Like cocoapuffs I’m kookoo
When you’re dancing, prancing, twirling in a tutu

Come here dear and let me kiss your little boo boo
I think I can, I think I can
I’m coming like a Choo Choo


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