​I understand pain and suffering.
I hear you.
I’ve been teased, laughed at, discriminated against, frozen, lit on fire, shamed, disowned, chased, stalked, dumped, betrayed, broken, trapped, electrocuted, tazed, stitched, stapled, glued, operated on, held underwater, quarantined, assaulted, branded, beaten, punched, kicked, stabbed, cut, impaled, shot at, molested, lied to, decieved, robbed, fired, laid off, unemployed, broke, homeless, lonely, lost,  alone, sick, poisoned, spit on, choked, bitten,  addicted, afraid, scared, terrified, helpless, restrained against my will, arrested, jailed, paralyzed,  hospitalized, committed and I have fallen over 30 feet…twice. With each event I have got back up to see what is gonna happen next.
I don’t blame anyone.

I am not a victim.

Every single event has turned out to be a blessing.
There is not a person, place, thing, situation or circumstance that can take hope from me… Only I can give up on hope.
I am still standing!


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