Why Me???  

Me: God, look at my life! Why has so much stuff happened to me?

GOD: I am not sure what you mean, my child?

Me: You took my father from me!

GOD: I know.

Me: You made me an addict/alcoholic!

GOD: Yes, I did. 

Me: My band broke up and I know longer write songs. 

GOD: That is true.

Me: You ended my marriage.

GOD: I remember.

Me: And yesterday was the last straw! I had so much work that I didn’t leave the office til late. When I got home I was so exhausted I didn’t get to do what I wanted and just fell asleep. Nothing ever goes my way!!! Are You trying to punish me or what?

GOD: Well you see, child, your father was sick and in pain. I called him home so that he would no longer hurt.

Me: I am so selfish…

GOD: I made you an addict/alcoholic so that you could understand suffering and hope. I made you so that you could heal, grow and love to your fullest potential

Me: I didn’t realize…

GOD: The band was temporary. I was giving merely giving you practice writing. Now you write for Me.

Me: Really?

GOD: Your marriage ended so that you could be friends with your ex and become closer to your children. I have kept you single so you can find the one you will be with forever. 

Me: Now I see, God.

GOD: Oh and that extra work I gave to you? I was keeping you from being involved in that horrible accident on the freeway. I sent you home tired so that you would be rested for all the great things I have planned for you today. 

Me: I’m so ungrateful. I am sorry God.

GOD: Don’t be sorry, child. Learn to trust Me and My design. Have faith in all I do, even that which you perceive as bad.

Me: I will trust and have faith in You, God.

GOD: My plan for your day is always better than any plan of your own.

Me: I won’t doubt You. Thank you for everything You have brought in my life.

GOD: You’re welcome. Now let me get back to work…
***We see stumbling blocks but they are really just God building us our own special path to climb up to a better place in this life.


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