Richman, Poorman

In the 3rd year of Kings, a short time after the Sendrs had all but vanished, Gold had usurped the spiritual and the material governed most of the land.

On this particular day, a man of much wealth and riches, beckoned for his fancy chariot encrusted with rare and precious gems. A self-appointed king of all that he could see, he had decided to venture from his castle’s walls to show his young son how the poor folks in the countryside lived.

They trekked for a fortnight, passing the majestic waterfalls that separated the castle from the poor and downtrodden. They stopped at a farm belonging to a group of meager means. There they stayed for a few days so the young prince could immerse himself in the plight of the meek.

The journey back to the castle was quiet and reflective. Satisfied his son had a better understanding of his lot in life, the rich king asked, “How did you enjoy the trip, my boy?”

“Very good, father!” The boy replied.

“Did you see how unfortunate it is to be poor?”

“Yes, father. I did!”

“And what did you learn?”

The son eagerly went about answering, “I saw that while we have one dog, they have four. I saw that the pool in our castle is tiny, compared to their mighty river with no end. We have fancy lamps and lanterns while they have the limitless stars. Our courtyard is walled, while they have the entire horizon to gaze upon. We have a family and they have an entire village.”

The young lad continued on and on. When he finally finished his father was speechless. The boy wiped a tear from his eyes and hugged his father close. “I will always love you father… No matter how poor we are.”

~ S.D.


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